Eyevan is the first fashion eyewear brand of Japan, being born with the concept of “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion item”. Based on the information source of antique eyewear from all over the world, the design team at that time added aesthetic sense and sensitivity. Such beautiful eyewear created only by the hands of skilled craftsman, and it made many huge fans all over the world. Even when you look at the products of EYEVAN collection, you will see they insist their existence beyond the past generations. You will find highly skilled craftsmanship by looking at products themselves and the handwritten drawings. You may also see the creativity and strong passion of design team at that time.

This brand “EYEVAN” created the new trend that “Enjoy wearing eyewear as a part of fashion” by its beautiful design and ensured high quality of “made in Japan”. EYEVAN changed people’s idea about the optical frame which was thought just as a product to correct vision. A while after that, EYEVAN was temporary suspended to market their collection, but it has given big phenomenon into eyewear industry by designing and producing so many fashion eyewear brands.


In September, 2017, EYEVAN is going to be announcing the reproduction of 1980’s representative models under the name of “Capsule collection”