History of EYEVAN

Yamamoto Bojin Megane Co., Ltd. established EYEVAN Inc.
The eyewear brand EYEVAN started under
the oversight of Kensuke Ishizu,
with the concept of being fashion glasses
complementing the brand VAN JACKET.
They also moved into the production of
general eyeglass frames.
EYEVAN hosted the "EYEVAN Fashion Seminar"
as an educational event for eyeglass stores.
Yamamoto Bojin Megane Co., Ltd., renamed its company
"Yamamoto Kogaku Co. Ltd."
Yamamoto Kogaku Co. Ltd. merged its eyeglass business
with its head office,
also merging EYEVAN Inc.,
and founded
Optec Japan Corporation,
with headquarters in Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture.
This marked the start of manufacturing
general eyeglass frames and sunglasses.
EYEVAN exhibited at Opti Fair West,
held in Anaheim, USA, and caught the eye of the
Los Angeles eyeglass store "Oliver Peoples",
beginning its expansion into the USA.
Obtained licensing agreement
for the manufacture and sale of glasses
with Oliver Peoples Inc. in Los Angeles, USA.
A number of foreign celebrities fell in love with EYEVAN.
The celebrity Madonna was featured wearing EYEVAN glasses
in the US culture magazine PEOPLE.
Oliver Peoples Tokyo Gallery opened in Aoyama, Tokyo.
With the reorganization of the Yamamoto Kogaku Group,
Optec Japan Corporation
takes independent management
over from Yamamoto Kogaku Co. Ltd.
Temporary pause in the development of
the eyewear brand EYEVAN.
Opened eyewear specialty store "EYEVAN Tokyo Midtown"
at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Established eyewear brand "EYEVAN 7285",
combining fashion and product,
continuing the philosophical drive of EYEVAN.
"EYEVAN 7285" received requests
from select stores and markets abroad
such as
"colette" in Paris and "Bergdorf Goodman" in New York,
earning itself the spotlight of worldwide attention.
Tetsuji Yamamoto, President and CEO,
is appointed Chairman of the Board.
Noriyuki Yamamoto, Senior Managing Director,
is appointed President and CEO.
Opened flagship store "EYEVAN 7285 TOKYO"
for the "EYEVAN 7285" brand, in Aoyama, Tokyo.
Established the "10 eyevan" brand,
composed of 10 special parts,
based on the concept of "a beautiful tool".
Established the lifestyle eyewear brand "Eyevol",
combining fashionability and functionality.
The flagship store "Eyevol Tokyo Store"
was opened in Aoyama, Tokyo.
Eyewear brand "EYEVAN" is relaunched,
gaining new life. Announced a capsule collection.
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